Action is foundational key to all success

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Fields of activity

Counting on many years of experience in various commercial management roles in plant construction, I can quickly find my way around in a wide variety of operational areas.

As interim manager, I take on responsibility until either the long-term staffing is (again) available for the respective positions/tasks or the challenges have been mastered.

The four focus areas mentioned are examples:

Interim CFO

Will your financial officer be out for a certain or indefinite period of time?
I am happy to bridge temporary bottlenecks with in-depth financial knowledge and a hands-on approach and ensure that the business is continued transparently and comprehensively. This applies not only to classical CFO roles, but also to other line functions along the value chain in sales, project management or for example in the plant environment.

Transformation and Strategy Projects

Should the anchoring of changes in your organization be driven forward in a focused manner?
Then I am at your and your teams’ disposal to lead the change process together with your key resources as an independent project. The design and approach depend strongly on the content and criticality of the change and is developed individually in accordance to your needs.

Project Management

Do you have to temporarily staff or strengthen projects to ensure adequate processing?
At short notice, I can step in and drive your projects and work transparently with your team on the implementation and optimization of results. In addition to classic commercial project management tasks, I naturally cover risk and opportunity management as well as for example negotiations of contractual claims.

Project Portfolio Management

Your project portfolio needs a deeper insight?
Then I am ready to support you and your team with an objective view from the ‘outside’ to analyze the existing basis and the knowledge, further expand the strengths and identify weak points. Lessons-learned processes are just as much a part of the solution establishment as the optimization of interfaces.

My view of performance and success

Claudia Kratz

Competence and an overview, but also determination, communication and willingness to learn is the basis.

Finding solutions with a team of individual strengths and experiences, single-minded to create a common best in order to achieve set goals, is the way.

Implementing measures or bridging bottlenecks and doing so to combine transparency, flexibility and humanity, is the result.

Contributing to the success of a company, looking after satisfied and equally successful customers, enjoying work and the satisfaction of having mastered difficult situations, is the reward.


About me

Strong finance executive with twenty years of global experience in a unique blend of commercial operational roles, project and risk management, mergers & acquisitions, financial services and CFO positions.

Active in several business areas – Transportation, Finance and Renewables – and with international expertise from assignments in Mexico, Germany, Russia and Spain.

Committed, loyal and responsible as a manager and colleague, with a pronounced hands-on mentality and analytical view. Motivation through transparency and reliability with clear targets.